SED-IA Architecture

In 2020, Hung-Tsung Ko reorganized the rapidly expanding subsidiaries SED-IA Architects (formerly known as LKP Architecture), SED-IA Design, and SED-IA Design Vietnam to establish the SED-IA Architecture group. With operations expanded over Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam, the international team of architects and designers brings over 30 years of experience to provide clients with expertise across architecture, landscape, and interior design. Through strategic collaboration with Takahisa Kato Architects and ARK CREW from Japan, our group continue to create ecological architecture in the post-pandemic era, focusing on improving the living condition and well-being of people.


Imagery Architecture - Symbiosis with Ecology

SED-IA is named to define the concept of architecture in its “imagery” and “physical” forms. “Imagery” conceptualizes architecture design as an illustration of a mutually dependent relationship established between people and the environment, where such a connection renders ecological conversations within space, time, and natural elements. The abstract concept is presented “physically” by built structures, which our team integrates sustainable design to instill everlasting values. We cultivate aesthetic ideals in the architecture we create, featuring an embedded design concept that synthesizes the natural elements wind, light, water, and greenery, relating our creations as part of ecology and architecture history.